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I have been a key note speaker and guest lecturer for natural history and zoological societies, science museums, universities, corporations, and professional groups in Canada, the United States and Europe. I have also lectured on 40 different adventure cruises to the following destinations: Alaska, Baja Mexico, China, Arctic Northwest Passage, New Guinea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Antarctica, Sub-Antarctic New Zealand & Australia, Svalbard and Greenland.

Natural History Audio-Visual Programs

All programs are 50-60 minutes in length and feature stunning photography, exciting natural history and entertaining human anecdotes.

- Bears, Bears, Bears

- Penguins of the World

- Prairie Grasslands of North America

- The Spruce Kingdom - Life in the Boreal Forest

- Wild Alberta - A Celebration of Nature

- On Wings That Whisper - The Owls of North America

Digital Nature Photography & Photoshop Instruction

Below is a list of the different lectures that I give in half-day, one-day and two-day seminars.  Each lecture is roughly 50-60 minutes in length.  A one-day seminar normally covers six lectures.

Topics Include:

#1 Familiar Foto Flaws
Simple solutions to the common compositional mistakes that plague every photographer

#2 Choosing the Best Camera Settings
Most digital cameras offer many options. Choosing JPEGs versus Raw, Color Space, White Balance and ISO settings can determine the quality of the images you capture.

#3 Shooting in the Field
Discover how to take charge of your camera controls to maximize your creative vision. Learn the what, why and how of histograms.

#4 The Joys of Close-up Photography
The challenges and rewards of using extension tubes, close-up lenses and macro lenses – tips and tricks to make better images.

#5 Mastering Creative Flash
Advances in electronic flash are one of the great recent innovations in photography.  Find out why you should never leave home without your flash.

#6 Downloading, Editing, Filing, Storage & Backup
With the advent of digital photography, the storage, management and retrieval of digital files has become an issue that is important to every photographer.  Learn how a pro does it and why.

#7 The Power of Raw
Explore the options and possibilities of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop

#8 Digital Workflow – A Logical Way to Maximize Your Images
Often what separates a good image from a great one is the control of vital variables such as composition, the impact of distracting background elements, contrast and shadow detail, color balance and saturation.  Learn how advancements in Photoshop give the photographer greater artistic control than ever before.

#9 Mastering Professional Photo Enhancing Techniques
With a basic understanding of Photoshop, every photographer can learn valuable techniques to make his/her images stronger.  Learn many of the easy tricks and techniques that I use to make my images sizzle and sell and have made me the most published nature photographer in Canada for more than a decade.

#10 Successful Marketing Techniques
Discover how you make a digital submission and how to market your talents to magazines, calendars, and advertisers.  As well, discover how to pitch a book idea and negotiate a publishing contract.  If you plan to sell your nature images, this seminar is essential.

Praise for Wayne Lynch’s previous seminars:

“It was a superb seminar. I learned more in one day than in any other course I’ve taken…Your knowledge was phenomenal and your enthusiasm and energy infectious.”

“…an incredible seminar.  By the end of the day I was overwhelmed by all the information.  I still can’t believe that a photography seminar could be entertaining as well as instructional.  Your easy approach was greatly appreciated.”

“What a seminar.  I have nothing but praise for the topics covered and the way in which they were presented.  You are a gifted teacher and your humour was an added bonus.”

“My sincere thanks for an inspiring day.  I left with many new ideas and renewed enthusiasm.”


Dr. Wayne Lynch is a self-proclaimed critter junkie and has been a full time professional nature and wildlife photographer for 30 years.  His photo credits include hundreds of magazine covers, thousands of calendar shots, and tens of thousands of image published in over 60 countries.  As well, he is the author and photographer of 50 acclaimed natural history books for children, adults and young adults.  His most recent book for adults, Owls of the United States and Canada – A Complete Guide to their Biology and Behavior, is a best-selling title published by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Press. Two more books are scheduled for release in 2010:  Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies and Planet Arctic, a 30-retrospective.


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